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Conveyor belt

Conveyor belts are widely used in many branches int he industry. It has numerous advatages and many applications. Low cost and low noise operation are just few of the many characteristic of these machines. This is why it is often used to supply coninouos material flow in an ergonomical production area.

It may ba used to come over smaller or larger distances. Hundred-meter-long conveyor belts are not uncommon at all in different industries. The trasported materials can be also from a wide range even powder-like materails can be transported. Thanks to our decade-long experience we can satisfy the special requests of our customers. Our speciality are the light-weight aluminium custom engineered and made conveyor belts.

Our Works

Szállítószallag/Conveyor Belt/Förderband 1 Szállítószallag/Conveyor Belt/Förderband Szállítószallag/Conveyor Belt/Förderband